Kadile L. The role of expression of Intent in legal transaction. Collection of research papers of the 79th International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia. Riga: University of Latvia Press, 2021, pp.199-205., DOI:10.22364/juzk.79.20

Olsena S. Kadile L. From Legal Capacity to Act to Decision Making Capacity in Latvian Patients’ Rights Law. 8th International Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Law of the University of Law “NEW LEGAL REALITY: CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES”, poster presentation, https://www.lawconference.lu.lv/fileadmin/user_upload/LU.LV/Apaksvietnes/Fakultates/www.jf.lu.lv/zinas/2021/Posters/Poster_Olsena-Kadile.pdf