Solvita Olsena is a health law expert with long experience both in academia and in legal practice. She is an associate professor of public health and law at the Medical Faculty, the University of Latvia, where she teaches and writes in health law.

Her academic interests and research topics include a human rights approach to health and rights to health, patients’ rights and patient safety, mental health law and protection of patients with limited capacity, medical data protection and eHealth.

She is a sworn advocate and a member of the Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates. She holds an M.D. from the Latvian Medical Academy, a J.D and Dr.iur. from the University of Latvia. She is a Member of the Council of Europe anti-torture Committee (CPT) in respect to Latvia.

Solvita Olsena is, among others, responsible for the project management, the coordination of the research team and implementation of the proposed research activities. She leads legal research and research in the part concerning ethical challenges. She focuses on international law and the case-law of international institutions like ECHR and others. She participates in developing questionnaires connected to social and political developments on the human rights approach to health. She leads the development and formulation of recommendations for governmental and health institutions and participates in communicating and disseminating research results.