Marina Losevicha (MD) is a psychiatrist with clinical expertise since 2002, entitled to teach young physicians. Her clinical experience involves general, child and adolescent, forensic psychiatry, outpatient mental health care (including old age psychiatry, community–based psychiatry and family counselling).  

She holds a Master Degree in Law (2020) and is a Ph.D. candidate in medicine. She is a lecturer with multi-year work experience at the Medical Faculty of the University of Latvia. In recent years the area of her scientific interest has focused on the issues of safeguarding the rights of persons with mental health conditions. 

In this project, dr. Marina Losevicha as a researcher leads the part of clinical research. She develops research protocols and trains junior researchers in our psychiatry team, performs a clinical assessment of the decision-making capacity of research participants in clinical settings. She also participates in developing interviews and surveys related to practices applied to patients in psychiatric hospitals. Marina Losevicha conducts qualitative and quantitative data analysis, creates literature reviews and drafts scientific articles. She develops recommendations to implement a human rights-based approach in clinical settings and disseminates research results to various audiences.