Inesa Fausch is a Lithuanian attorney-at-law who has graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Law. 

She completed several MBA courses in Georgetown University and obtained her PhD from the University of Basel, where she published a dissertation on intellectual property rights in personalized medicine. 

She began her early career as a junior associate at Lithuania's largest law firm, where she specialized in Medical and Life Science Law. She then worked in the private and public sectors in the field of health law, including the AO Foundation (Davos), EUCOPE (Brussels), the University of Basel and Novartis AG (Basel). Currently, she is a legal advisor at the Swiss Institute for Comparative Law (Lausanne), responsible for Central and Eastern European jurisdictions. In addition, she is a lecturer at the University of Bern giving courses on the EU health care system. She is an active member of the European Health Law Association, Interest Group of Biolaw.

Ms Fausch is the author of several publications, including co-author of first edition of Medical Law in Lithuania (Wolters Kluwers, 2015), Personalised Medicine as a challenge for patent law (Wolters Kluwer, 2020), co-author (with Aurèlie Mahalatchimy) on entry of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (Oxford Encyclopaedia of European Union Law, in progress).