Researchers Laura Kadile un Marina Loseviča will attend a conference in Catania, Italy.

From 27-28 September, researchers Laura Kadile and Marina Loseviča will present their research results at the international conference "One Health: A systemic approach to managing urban and natural resources" in Catania, Italy. 

The results of the study will be presented in the framework of the 3rd section of the conference: "One health as part of adaptation and human rights". Researchers will present a report on:  "Healthcare quality indicators as a tool for safeguarding patient with limited capacity and physician rights". 

The aim of the conference is to foster collaboration between researchers, experts and students in order to activate synergistic dialogues between disciplinary research areas and fields of activity.

The conceptual framework of One Health and the potential contribution of the One Health approach will be at the centre of the conference dialogues. The full conference programme is available here: 

The preprint of the paper presented at the conference can be found here: 

Publication in the conference proceedings is forthcoming.