EAHL 2022


On 20-22 April 2022 the 8th European Conference on Health Law will take place in the city of Ghent in Belgium.

The leading project researcher Solvita Olsena and the project researcher Laura Kadile have passed the competition and have received confirmation of their participation in the conference. They will attend the conference with the following research results:

1)  Laura Kadile: "Assessment of decision - making capacity of patients with capacity disorders during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Latvia";

2) Solvita Olsena: "Legal Framework Requiring Assessment of Patients Decision-Making Capacity in Psychiatry As a Step Towards the Quality of Care".

In addition, researcher Laura Kadile will participate in a PhD workshop of the conference. In joint discussions with young scientists from several countries, Mrs. Kadile will highlight the need to establish decision-making capacity institute in Latvia, as well as the need to protect patient`s with limited capacity.